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Lifting-up leaders, teams and individuals as they forge their path with clarity and courage.  

Client Testimonials

"Thank you for the wonderful  workshop.  I can already feel a change in culture."  - K.S. Global Financial Services Company, 2021

"Lori is an amazing coach.  She makes me go through really uncomfortable things for which I thought I lacked the tools to deal with.  With her help I feel much more confident in my style as a leader without giving up who I am as a person.  All I can say is that I wish I met her 10 years ago!"  Pam L.  Individual Client 2020

“My session with Lori was great!  She is an excellent listener- she paid attention to all of the things I said.  She made me aware of things that I said, but would not acknowledge…..  I wasn’t even aware of my new story!  Lori heard it!.... I felt a connection with her considering we just met.  She is easy to speak to and has a real skill to be able to do what she does!  I am happy and thankful for finding my new story.”  Candi 2017


“YOU have had such an impact on my life.  You gave me the opportunity to have a career and you helped me figure myself out when I had zero confidence.”  Ashley M.


“Our time working together was some of the best of my career.”  Brian H. 2018


“I’m literally NOT just saying this, you were my absolute favorite manager.”  Tristin 2018


“I have known you going on 10 years at Intel, and during that time I have considered you to be one of the best managers I had the pleasure of working with.  You have been a great mentor; your style has been to provide direct feedback and guidance whenever you see an opportunity for growth.”  Brian O


“Lori truly excels in her ability to share and drive a clear, concise strategic view; collaborate to form a cooperative partnership; implement robust process control; and deliver results.”  Brandy A. 2015 


“You ROCK!”  Julie C. 


“Lori is so centered and present.  Such a pleasure to work with.  Thank you for your insights.”  Maya 2018


“Lori understands what it’s like to be a high-level executive.  Where you are looking to move up the corporate ladder or manage the stress that comes with accomplishment, you will not find a better coach than Lori!”  Ryan 2018


“Lori is a mighty wind, propelling her clients forward.   Her strength and experience blend with care and compassion to create a safe and productive experience.  If you are adrift in the doldrums, working with Lori will billow your sales.”  Jodi B. 2018


“Lori is a driven visionary.  She loves her clients, and I felt that love coming from her.  I know she genuinely cares and loves to see her clients succeed.  She’s strong, empathetic, and wise.  I’ve had such breakthroughs with her and so needed her help!!  I love Lori!” – Rachel Kellogg 2018


“Lori is a brave, strong, and compassionate woman and coach who is deeply committed to her clients’ transformation.  She radiates love.”  Jan L. 2018


“Lori really listened and comprehended my issue.  She offered concrete suggestions that helped me move forward and solve my problem.  I feel much more productive and organized since I worked with Lori. – T. Crowe , 2018

About Lori

Lori Holmes is a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator who has a wealth of real-world Fortune 50 senior leadership experience leading bold, transformative employee solutions.  She is a consultant, coach, and Founder of Aspire Workshops.  Lori is paying it forward, lifting-up leaders, teams, and individuals as they forge their own path with clarity and courage.  Lori’s real-world experience, practical style, and engaging facilitation is a powerful combination when combined with Dr. Brené Brown’s empirically based content.

Lori has lived in the arena.  Her defining leadership moments were those that required courage, a keen sense of direction, tough decisions, transparency, and compassion. Lori is a change agent with a breadth of leadership experience and accomplishments across global regions and operational functions. Throughout her career, she has been consistently selected to lead or advise diverse organizations and initiatives because of her proven ability to elevate organizational and individual performance and drive business transformations.  She is highly regarded for her ability to build engagement and trust between leadership and diverse employees as well as aligning strategies, work culture, and objectives across the entire organization. 

​Lori has a bachelor's degree in business administration and finance from University of Oregon and a post baccalaureate in accounting.  Lori has been recognized with Intel Quality Award, the Hermes Creative Gold Award, and American Payroll Association’s Overall Best Practices Prism Award.

​Lori exemplifies the values of courage, rising strong and daring greatly, having completed three Ironman triathlons and "Rim to Rim" in the Grand Canyon.  She is "Mom" to two adult children, three dogs, and seven chickens.  She lives in Portland, Oregon.
About Lori
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