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Aspire Workshops  

Lifting-up leaders, teams and individuals as they forge their path with clarity and courage.  

Do you want to show up as a leader at work and life?  Do you want to be a courageous leader and foster a brave team?  Are you entering management and want to learn the keys to engaging your workforce?  Contact me to create a customized, intact workshop or join one of our workshops here. Click here for our schedule

Unique Workshops Blend of Dare to Lead™ and Leadership Fundamentals:


Organizational change requires much more than attending a training session.  To embed exceptional  capabilities into your organization, we will collaborate on four key elements:


  1. Dare to Lead™ and Management Curriculum

  2. Action in the Workplace

  3. Individual Coaching

  4. Leadership assessments prior to and post program 


Dare to Lead™ and Management Fundamentals Curriculum


Lori delivers unique workshops you will not find elsewhere.  We collaborate to build fresh, modern, and practical workshops.  In our leadership workshops, participants will be taught the skills, practices, and tools that underpin the four skill sets of courage as well as the fundamentals of management.  

Participants will gain the knowledge and tools to excel at management, become braver leaders and build courageous cultures.  Your participants will:

  • Master specific and practical management techniques in the areas of managing the work, managing people, and work environment.

  • Move from armored leadership to daring leadership, creating a courageous culture.

  • Build the courage in themselves and their team to think beyond boundaries, take bold steps, influence, and innovate.

  • Embrace tough conversations including giving honest, productive feedback and challenging the status quo. 

  • Practice rumbling techniques to enable effective problem solving, courageous conversations, collaboration, smart risk taking, and adoption of change.

  • Be encouraged to opt into vital conversations about diversity and inclusion.

  • Clarify individual and organizational values and translate them into behaviors that can be taught, measured, and evaluated. 

  • Become authentic leaders and build trust, increasing connection and velocity of the workforce.

  • Build the skills to try new behaviors, experience falls and failures, get up, learn and try again.


Action in the Workplace

The key to thriving and growing is identifying actions, adopting behaviors and new processes, and practicing hands-on skills at work.  In order to translate individual learning into tangible leadership skills and actions, participants will make personal commitments, implement actions in their organization, and circle back.  It’s not one-and-done; it requires repeated practice to get it right, and sometimes it requires getting it wrong and trying again. 


Individual Coaching

Highly personalized and confidential coaching sessions will support your managers as they adopt new behaviors in the workplace.  We will discuss their experience implementing new skills, pre and post program assessments and action plans, how to transform armored leadership traits into daring leadership strengths, and any other assistance needed.

Leadership capabilities assessments prior to and post program

We perform leadership assessments prior to and after our leadership workshops.  Leaders will create an action plan and discuss with the team they manage.

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