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Aspire Workshops  

Lifting-up leaders, teams and individuals as they forge their path with clarity and courage.  

150 leaders across industries were asked what the future of leadership is.  The #1 answer:  We need braver leaders and more courageous cultures.   There are four specific skills of courageous leadership.  They are teachable, measurable, and observable.  

Do you want to show up in the arena at work and life?  Do you want to be a courageous leader and foster a brave team?  Are you entering management and want to learn the keys to engaging your workforce?  Contact me to create a customized, intact workshop or join one of our workshops here. Click here for our schedule

Our Dare to Lead™ Workshops

I’ve been in the arena.  Truth be told, I’ve been face down in the arena covered with muck… but daring greatly.  I’ve experienced the challenge of rumbling with vulnerability, living into my values, braving trust, and rising in tough corporate environments and rapidly changing organizations.  My real-world experience, stories from the arena, and practical style combines powerfully with Dr. Brené Brown’s empirically based content.


Join me for open enrollment or intact workshops for leaders, managers, and individuals designed to help forge your path with clarity and courage.  Based on the work of Brené Brown, Dare to Lead™ workshops get to the heart of daring leadership, creating brave leaders and courageous cultures.  Over two days, you will forge deep connections and learn four teachable, measurable, and observable courage-building skills.  Our Dare to Lead™ curriculum combines videos, insightful facilitation, and thought-provoking exercises.  Enroll as an individual, team, or organization in our courage-building workshops today and learn how to step up and be brave. 

About Lori Holmes

Lori Holmes, a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, has lived in the arena as a senior leader at a Fortune 50 company.  Her defining leadership moments were those that required courage, a keen sense of direction, tough decisions, transparency, and compassion.  Through Aspire Workshops, Lori is lifting-up leaders, managers, and individuals as they forge their own path with clarity and courage.  Lori’s real-world experience, practical style, and engaging facilitation is a powerful combination when combined with Dr. Brené Brown’s empirically based content.  See full bio here


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