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Aspire Workshops  

Developing daring leaders and courageous teams

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Amplify results of leaders, teams, and individuals through unique, action-oriented workshops that will change the way you lead.

Developing Daring Leaders and Courageous Teams

Lori amplifies leadership results through unique individual coaching and workshops.  She offers customized experiences you will not find elsewhere.

Real-World Experience:  Lori has decades of first-hand experience as a Fortune 50 senior leader driving bold action, building courageous cultures, and transforming organizations.  Her defining leadership moments required courage, a keen sense of direction, tough decisions, and authenticity. 

Relatable:   Lori has experienced the ups and downs of career, leadership, and life.  She has walked a mile in new managers shoes, understands the angst of tough decisions, and met the challenge of rapid change in her life and work with courage and resilience.

Personalized Curriculum:   Unique, engaging content is blended with carefully crafted skill-building activities pulled from a variety of sources including Dare to Lead™. 


Forward Action:  The key to sustainable change is identifying personal commitments, adopting behaviors, and implementing hands-on skills.  Specific action plans will enable leaders, and teams to act with courage.     


Ongoing Support:  It’s not one-and-done; new skills require repeated practice to get it right, and sometimes it requires getting it wrong and trying again. Highly personalized and confidential coaching sessions will support your attendees as they adopt new behaviors in the workplace.

Leadership capabilities assessments prior to and post program:  We perform leadership assessments prior to and after our leadership workshops.  Our process includes a commitment to practice through tangible actions.  

Popular Topics:

Dare to Lead™ | Values That Work | Authentic Leadership: Building Trust, Connection and Engagement | Courageous Conversations| Giving and Receiving Feedback | Resilience | Strategy into Action | Eliminate Meeting Madness | Find the “D” in Decision Making


Consulting Expertise:

 Management Fundamentals, Team Dynamics, Trust and Organizational Alignment, Change and Transition Management, Cultivating Inclusive and Diverse Work Environments, Program and Project Management, Employee Experience Design, Workplace Services Strategies, HR & People Operations

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